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COVID Guidelines
All parties entering the facility are required to have their temperature taken. Everyone is required to wear a mask except when playing basketball. All players will be required to social distance when not on the court playing. All spectators are required to social distance at all times. All basketballs will be sanitized prior to games and inbetween games. Everyone is expected to practice hand hygiene while on the premises.
40 Division 50 Division
2inch Vertial    
A1 Bee Specialist- RT    
Bo Green`s Boys 40    
I Am Indy    
Louisville Boys    
AGeezer Hoops    
ALouisville Joe 50    
ANaptown Players (50)    
AThe Land    
BBo Green`s Boys 50    
BChicago Renegades    
BFlorida United    
BRight Touch Barbershop    
55 Division 60 Division
 Cleveland Stars    
 Fort Wayne Fury    
 Louisville Joe 55    
 Naptown Players (55)    
 Nite Lites    
 Team World    
Bo Green`s Boys 60    
Dellagnese Construction    
Louisville Joe 60    
Mid West Kings    
Springfield Allstars    
Please, understand we don’t have reflexibility in scheduling that we had have in previous years. There are some back to back games and all request could not be accommodated. Thanks in advance for your understanding and support.
The 60 division has 5 teams therefore we are using a point system determine the finalize
1) Game Points 2) Placement 3) Finals
a) Each win is 2 points a) game points 2nd and 3rd place Sunday play n game, if the team with bye is in top 3 otherwise top 2 in championship game
b) Each lose is -1 points b) Point differential
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South - The Factory (6331 Crawfordsville Road)
North - Sports Zone Indy (6601 Coffman Rd )
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DayCourtTimeDivTean NameTean Name
FridaySouth 16:00 PM55Nite LitesTeam World
FridaySouth 26:00 PM402inch VertialI Am Indy
FridaySouth 36:00 PM60<<Bye>>Mid West Kings
FridaySouth 17:00 PM55Fort Wayne FuryNaptown Players (55)
FridaySouth 27:00 PM50Florida UnitedBo Green`s Boys 50
FridaySouth 37:00 PM50Right Touch BarbershopChicago Renegades
FridayNorth 17:00 PM40Louisville BoysUntouchables
FridayNorth 27:00 PM60Bo Green`s Boys 60Springfield Allstars
FridaySouth 18:00 PM40Bo Green`s Boys 40A1 Bee Specialist- RT
FridaySouth 28:00 PM50Geezer HoopsNaptown Players (50)
FridaySouth 38:00 PM55Louisville Joe 55Cleveland Stars
FridayNorth 18:00 PM50The LandLouisville Joe 50
FridayNorth 28:00 PM60Louisville Joe 60Dellagnese Construction
SaturdaySouth 19:00 AM402inch VertialLouisville Boys
SaturdaySouth 29:00 AM55Louisville Joe 55Naptown Players (55)
SaturdaySouth 39:00 AM60Mid West KingsLouisville Joe 60
SaturdayNorth 19:00 AM50Geezer HoopsLouisville Joe 50
SaturdayNorth 29:00 AM60Bo Green`s Boys 60Dellagnese Construction
SaturdaySouth 110:00 AM55Team WorldCleveland Stars
SaturdaySouth 210:00 AM55Louisville Joe 55Fort Wayne Fury
SaturdaySouth 310:00 AM40UntouchablesBo Green`s Boys 40
SaturdayNorth 110:00 AM50Florida UnitedChicago Renegades
SaturdayNorth 210:00 AM50Naptown Players (50)The Land
SaturdaySouth 111:00 AM55Nite LitesNaptown Players (55)
SaturdaySouth 211:00 AM40Louisville BoysI Am Indy
SaturdaySouth 311:00 AM40UntouchablesA1 Bee Specialist- RT
SaturdayNorth 111:00 AM60Mid West KingsSpringfield Allstars
SaturdayNorth 211:00 AM60Bo Green`s Boys 60Louisville Joe 60
SaturdaySouth 1Noon50Naptown Players (50)Louisville Joe 50
SaturdaySouth 2Noon50Bo Green`s Boys 50Right Touch Barbershop
SaturdaySouth 3Noon402inch VertialBo Green`s Boys 40
SaturdayNorth 1Noon50Geezer HoopsThe Land
SaturdayNorth 2Noon55Team WorldFort Wayne Fury
SaturdaySouth 21:00 PM60Springfield AllstarsDellagnese Construction
SaturdaySouth 31:00 PM40I Am IndyA1 Bee Specialist- RT
SaturdaySouth 12:00 PM50Florida UnitedRight Touch Barbershop
SaturdaySouth 22:00 PM50Bo Green`s Boys 50Chicago Renegades
SaturdaySouth 32:00 PM55Nite LitesCleveland Stars