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The Factory (6331 Crawfordsville Road)
Sports Zone Indy (6601 Coffman Rd )
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DayGymCourtTimeDivTean NamePointsTean NamePoints
Friday Court 17:00 PM60Dellagnese Construction  Vintage Chicago  
Friday Court 27:00 PM60Dream Team Louisville Team Bo Green  
Friday Court 37:00 PM60Team Allisons Team Greg Coleman 60 
Friday Court 47:00 PM30The Show  Coach Dennis Bettis  
Friday Court 57:00 PM55I AM INDY Rek shop 
Friday Court 67:00 PM55Kentucky United naptown players  
Friday Court 18:00 PM55U C Team Robert Cooper 
Friday Court 28:00 PM40McCall Law Cincy 40 
Friday Court 38:00 PM50WV Miners Team Herb Jones  
Friday Court 48:00 PM45Team Indy Team Dwight Anderson 45 
Friday Court 58:00 PM50Team Leroy & T- Whiz 50 Naptown Posse 
Friday Court 68:00 PM50Louisville Dream Team 50 louisville legends 
Friday Court 19:00 PM45Team Christ Like lextington  
Friday Court 29:00 PM35Sniper Gang Team Tony Thrasher 35 
Friday Court 39:00 PM402Js/All In team christ like 
Friday Court 49:00 PM40Dayton 40 Untouched 
Friday Court 59:00 PM40Made Men Wyoming Old Guys 
Friday Court 69:00 PM60Naptown Players 60 naptown players  
Saturday Court 19:00 AM35Team Tony Thrasher 35 The Show  
Saturday Court 29:00 AM55naptown players  Team Robert Cooper 
Saturday Court 39:00 AM50louisville legends Team Herb Jones  
Saturday Court 49:00 AM55Rek shop U C 
Saturday Court 59:00 AM50Louisville Dream Team 50 Naptown Posse 
Saturday Court 69:00 AM60Team Allisons Vintage Chicago  
Saturday Court 110:00 AM60Team Bo Green  naptown players  
Saturday Court 210:00 AM45Team Christ Like Team Dwight Anderson 45 
Saturday Court 310:00 AM40Wyoming Old Guys McCall Law 
Saturday Court 410:00 AM40Dayton 40 2Js/All In 
Saturday Court 510:00 AM40team christ like Untouched 
Saturday Court 610:00 AM55Kentucky United I AM INDY 
Saturday Court 111:00 AM45lextington  Team Indy 
Saturday Court 211:00 AM40Made Men Cincy 40 
Saturday Court 311:00 AM50Team Leroy & T- Whiz 50 Team Herb Jones  
Saturday Court 411:00 AM50Naptown Posse WV Miners 
Saturday Court 511:00 AM60Team Greg Coleman 60 Dellagnese Construction  
Saturday Court 611:00 AM60Naptown Players 60 Dream Team Louisville 
Saturday Court 11:00 PM60Team Greg Coleman 60 Vintage Chicago  
Saturday Court 21:00 PM40Wyoming Old Guys Cincy 40 
Saturday Court 31:00 PM35Sniper Gang Coach Dennis Bettis  
Saturday Court 41:00 PM40Dayton 40 team christ like 
Saturday Court 51:00 PM402Js/All In Untouched 
Saturday Court 61:00 PM60Naptown Players 60 Team Bo Green  
Saturday Court 12:00 PM45lextington  Team Dwight Anderson 45 
Saturday Court 22:00 PM55I AM INDY Team Robert Cooper 
Saturday Court 32:00 PM50Louisville Dream Team 50 Team Leroy & T- Whiz 50 
Saturday Court 42:00 PM60Dream Team Louisville naptown players  
Saturday Court 52:00 PM40Made Men McCall Law 
Saturday Court 62:00 PM60Team Allisons Dellagnese Construction  
Saturday Court 13:00 PM45Team Christ Like Team Indy 
Saturday Court 23:00 PM35Team Tony Thrasher 35 Coach Dennis Bettis  
Saturday Court 33:00 PM50WV Miners louisville legends 
Saturday Court 43:00 PM55Kentucky United Rek shop 
Saturday Court 53:00 PM55U C naptown players  
Saturday Court 63:00 PM35Sniper Gang The Show